ma grand-mère aurait dit qu’elle l’aurait tricoté plus régulier


gold plated chain
L 47 cm x B 8 cm
2100 euros, VAT included, shipping costs included

My grandmother taught me to knit when I was eight years old with a patch as wide as this necklace. The scarf I wanted to make never became a scarf. Instead, she knitted something for me every year. Socks, scarves, a sweater for ballet class…. When she died, she left us unfinished knitting, “sajet” in all colors and knitting needles. Warm scarves, meanwhile, I still haven’t knit. For the titles of my works with chains, I asked my family what my grandmother would have said when she saw it. ‘But that’s not knitted right at all. I would have done it straight.’ And she would be blinded by it so she wouldn’t see the whole piece.

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