a voucher for my future projects


With this voucher, you will become a kind of personal hero.
I am working on wonderful projects, but they are sometimes time consuming and as it is said that “time is money,” crowdfunding is much appreciated.
I am working on a journal to make the works a little more tangible, but for now I can tell you this:
I am working on a magic wand made of solid silver, with stones such as aquamarine, amethyst, citrine and topaz.
It is a replica of a broken magic wand my daughter played with for two years. For her, the quality and material was of no importance. During the process of transforming the wand from plastic to silver, it became clear that someone had glued the plastic gems by hand. At an incredibly low salary.
And so, along some detours, the question arose: how much should this wand cost to take one child out of child labor?

The price is only a suggestion. Feel free to contact me for further questions.



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